C-RadaR Oktober 2014 – Hillhacks, Hackover, No Starch Press

This time our show is (partially) in English! In the studio are Unicorn and dj-spock. Sva (who is in India since several months) is on the phone and is talking with us about Hillhacks and hackers in India! Hillhacks is a maker and hacker convention in the Himalaya.

We also have lubiana on the phone. What to expect on Hackover, a CCC con in Hannover. (This interview is in German)

Another guest on the phone is Bill Pollock from San Francisco, the founder of No Starch Press, a “geek” book publisher. He is talking with us about some nice and new hacking and krypto books.

The music in this show is a electro set recorded by FutureFiasko – “The Ubiquitous Data Stream Of Desperate Empires“

Have Fun!





http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electro_%28music%29 (Electro is not what you think it is, please read this!!)

Download als mp3!

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