C-RadaR Juni 2014

Unicorn and mc.fly talk with guests about the PayPal 14 case.
From the homepage of the Wau Holland Foundation:
„When the account of the Wau Holland Foundation was blocked by PayPal in December 2010 for having allegedly – as stated in PayPal’s letter to us – „encourage[d], promote[d], facilitate[d] or instruct[ed] others to engage in illegal activity“ by donating to WikiLeaks, thousands of activists worldwide participated in a digital sit-in to express their disapproval of the blockade. For that purpose the PayPal website was invoked so often by the demonstrators that the servers were temporarily overstrained and unable to handle any further requests.
14 demonstrators were arbitrarily prosecuted from the masses who participated. These fourteen were indicted „under the „Computer Fraud and Abuse Act“ despite PayPal publicly declaring that the digital sit-in did not disrupt their services at any time and no computer has been damaged or compromised.
The defendants were threatened with severe jail sentences and fines….“
We talk about this case with a lawyer, Bernd from the Wau Holland Foundation, Sue from Freeanons and some of those involved, namely the_n0, absolem, trivette and we tried to talk to lysobit.
Guests in the show were:
  • Stanley Cohen
  • mercedes haefer
  • Bernd Fix
  • Josh
  • sue
  • trivette
  • lysobit – we tried
We will pick up this case again in the next show to stay tuned and follow @cradar.
Stanley Cohen
Lawyer of the Paypal 14 defendant Mercedes Haefer
Bernd Fix
Mercedes Haefer / the_n0
josh covelli / absolem
sue / free hammond
vincent kershaw / Trivette
Doku about anonymous
Link to hackers in jail:

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