C-RadaR Juni – Preview!

C-RaDaR Juni 2014 – June 12th 21:00 – 23:00
We are excited to announce an upcoming, special edition of the C-RaDaR show on June 12th, 2014 in support of the Paypal 14 activists. The show will cover the history of the struggle of these fourteen unsung heroes and will also provide you with some information on how you can help them.
While thousands participated in the unprecedented digital protest against censorship and in defence of WikiLeaks in late 2010, four years later those fourteen anons are now asked to pay the price on behalf of the rest of us. It is now the time, and our responsibility, to provide them with the help necessary in their struggle to get back to a normal life. 
On the show, we will describe what they did, who they are and give some insight on the trial. Listeners will also have the chance to ask some of them questions. More  importantly, we will also explain how YOU can help them to get out of this mess, either through our fundraiser or how you can help promoting their cause.
Amongst our guests, we hope to have Bernd Fix from the Wau Holland Stiftung as well as some surprise guests from the PP14. We will also have a surprise announcement on the show, so stay tuned.
We invite you to listen in on June 12th, via c-radar.ccc.de. Until then, we appreciate any kind of help you can provide to promote the event and spread the information around the web.